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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

"'You're playin' a dangerous game, chica.'
'I know. But I trust you.'"

My Rating: 10/10

In Perfect Chemistry, the first book of the Fuentes brothers by Simone Elkeles, Alex took the spotlight and goes into a conflict with Brittany Ellis. (You can read the review of Perfect Chemistry here)

In Rules of Attraction (the second book of the Fuentes brothers) it's Carlos, Alex's little brother's turn. In Perfect Chemistry, Carlos was kept away from the gang bangers' world for good.

But that time Carlos had Destiny, a girl he met that's really keeping him away from doing everything rash. Then Alex quit the Latino Blood gang he was in, endangering the safety of the Fuentes. The incident forced the Fuentes back to Mexico, where they would be safer.

So Destiny had to go; what was the point of having a long-distance relationship when there's a chance of not meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend again?

Carlos, sweet innocent Carlos is now turned upside down. All because of Alex, his brother. Worse; He has to stay in Alex's dorm/apartment and go to Flatiron High. Even worse; Alex is giving out a bunch of rules. Crappy rules. No women. No chicas. Nothing, nada.

So this is Carlos' payback: Break every rules given to him.

The crappy part was that since he's "new", the school gave him a guide. Kiara Westford. A girl that looks nothing like a girl. The girl who pull pranks on him, the girl who loves challenges. The girl who stutters, the girl who baked chocolate chip cookies and kept it until they're stale, and glued it to mini magnets then stick it in Carlos' locker (being his guide, she knows his locker combo).

Then there's Madison. The popular girl who always gets what--or who--she wants. With Madison, comes trouble. Somebody from Carlos' gang back in Mexico smuggled drugs in his locker to give him a warning.

While that's happening, Carlos is attracted to Kiara, whether he wants it or not. Kiara, too.

What I like about the book: How the conflict was more realistic, and how it was funny. Seriously hilarious, the relationship between Kiara and Carlos. I'd say this is one of the books I'd reread again and again.

What I dislike about the book: That it ended :(

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