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I was born in a tropical country called Indonesia (Bali is a popular tourist spot to visit) and I studied English from elementary years until now--although back then what I learned was mostly vocabulary words. When I was still in Indonesia, I also played a lot of Playstation 2 games and from there I learned about a lot of weird words like 'dungeons' or 'elemental'. Words that I don't really use in real life, but hopefully I can put in my book! :D

Then I moved to Minnesota (which, by the way, is one of the states you will not hear about if you're outside the country) on August 2007.  I went to Japan from August 2010 - March 2011 through the Rotary Program, sponsored by the North St. Paul Rotary Club. I was forced to leave Japan because the program didn't want to risk the radiation...and right now I'm back in high school for my senior year!


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