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How Books are Reviewed

 Books I've read will be graded out of 100 points according to the Review Categories written below. Effective as of 10.26.2011

Review Categories:
  • Storyline & Content (30 pts)
        How was the book?
  • Engagement Level (15 pts)
        How engaging was the story? Did I ever put this book down?
  • Author’s Language & Writing Style (10 pts)
        What makes the author’s language interesting?
        What impression did the author’s tone left me with?
  • Message/Moral (15 pts)
        What was the message of the story? Was it clear?
        Is it appropriate? Is this a potential banned-book?
        How deep is the message written?
  • Information (10 pts)
       What new things did I learn from this book?
        Is the information useful later on in life?
  • Characters (10 pts)
       How real are the characters?
        Are the characters believable?
  • Originality (5 pts)
        Is the book a remake of another book with tweaked parts?
         Did this book remind me of another book?
  • Movie Material (5 pts)
        Will I be excited to see this book in theaters? Will I watch it?

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