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Friday, August 6, 2010

Knight Angels: Book of Love by Abra Ebner

"'Her guardian angel?' I was confused. What died and made him so privileged?"

My Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Crimson Oak Publishing
Publication: June 2010
Page Count: 346 Pages
Age Range: Young Adult

Abra Ebner's Official Knight Angels Website

Abra Ebner has written an amazing story about love and trust. In Knight Angels: Book of Love, Ebner wrote from different characters' perspective. I take Jane as the main character because Jane is the girl who was supposed to die, but saved by Max, her guardian angel.

The quote on the header is from Wes, Jane's childhood friend who has always been in love with Jane. Jane knows it, but only pities him because Jane doesn't feel for Wes in that way.

Emily does, though. Emily is Jane's sister who's high most of the time. She has a reason--she can hear people's emotions. Her mother and her sister's concern for her--which makes Emily sick because they don't know about her at all. Wes' thoughts that's filled with Jane and Jane and Jane. Sick.

So Emily feels people's emotions.

Max was killed a long time ago. But because he saved his family, he became an angel. Because he saved Jane, he became her guardian angel.

Jane sees people's death; the way people die. She dreams weird things.

Wes is a shape shifter.

Greg, Max's twins (who killed Max's family and murdered Jane's father and Jane) wants to kill and ruins it for everyone.

But Max finally can show himself to Jane. He won't let Jane be hurt after all these time.

What I love about this book: One, it's about angels...(of course) and two, it was different. The relationship between Emily and Wes and Wes to Jane makes the story different and good. It was the mystery of Greg that makes me want to keep reading it, though, most of all. I want to know why Greg..hates Max so much.

What I dislike: The cliff hanger at the end! I want to read the second book RIGHT NOW!! OoO..

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