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Review/Publicity Policy

Dear authors and publishers,

Scholarberry is a NON-PROFIT BLOG. I am not getting paid to review books, but I am happy to read them. Authors and I get a win-win situation because of this...but as a jobless high school student, it is very hard for me to send out books for contests, so if you want to donate, please email me!

Regarding books:  
If any author, publisher or publicist would like to send me a copy of their book, please email to

Please note: ARCs are my priority. Upcoming books gets more attention because they're going in sale--and therefore available to public. Books that are already printed for a long time WILL be reviewed, but it will take a while. 

Mostly, I read YA books, but some Middle School Grade or Adult books would be acceptable too. Please understand that if I don't request the book, I might not review them (although the chance of me reviewing them would be higher than not reviewing them). Of course, if I do request them, I will try to get to them as soon as possible.

I usually read 1-3 books per day (depending on how thick the books are and how they are paced). If I have a lot of books left to review, please understand that at the very most I will read your book within a month or 6 weeks period. I accept ARC, finished copies and eBook. ARC and finished copies would be my priority. I DO own a Nook, but I don't prefer to use them.

My reviews will be honest, and even if I dislike the book completely, I will find something that I like and I will note it. I will also link back my reviews to you if you provide me some contact information.

I also post my reviews on Borders, Barnes and Noble, Shelfari and Goodreads.

My Barnes and Noble
My Shelfari
My Goodreads

Regarding promoting books or hosting swag giveaways:
If you are also interested in me promoting your upcoming books, I would do what I call "Author Spotlight" (which is where I interview the author regarding the books--before or after I read the book). If I received signed bookmarks, bookplates, posters, postcards or any swag I will put them in the list of giveaways or spread them locally.

I would be more than happy to host contests for you, so please contact me at (I check my emails everyday).

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