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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Would Emma Do? by Eileen Cook

Would you ever kiss your best friend's boyfriend?

Well...would you??? I wouldn't, but that's probably because my best friend doesn't have a boyfriend! Just kidding~ I wouldn't even if she has a boyfriend, really. But Emma did---she kissed Joann's boyfriend, Colin. The thing is, Colin is also Emma's childhood friend. The kiss, though...that was accidental. It just kind of happened when Colin and Emma were out shopping for Joann's Christmas present, and of course, Joann would only be mad at Emma and not Colin! <

So Emma doesn't really talk to Joann anymore, and she doesn't really have other friends. Emma also avoids Colin, which means she's on her own. Then Todd Seaver comes....(this is a downside of reading too many books: you know what's going to happen already!!! Of course another boy than Colin would show up...) and he is accused of the strange happenings of girls fainting!

Emma lives in a small town, and news travel fast. Emma doesn't like that--the whole 'small town' thing. She wants to go to big, big city. She wants to be deviant, she doesn't like anything about the town she lives in. Todd was an outsider--he was a new kid. Nobody liked Todd for that, and nobody liked Emma for hating the town so bad.

So...everybody says that Todd is kinda shady. Did he really caused all the popular girls to faint? Watch the awesome trailer below and get a copy of the book!

Rating: 6/10

A satisfying read; Good laughs, good story, memorable, but not in my all-time favorite list. It was a bit exaggerated for me, and it was also predictable. It wasn't out of ordinary, but all in all a good tale to read. GOOD READ FOR WHEN YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND (Or when you're thinking of getting one...) I might read it again someday.

307 Page/Simon Pulse/978-1-41697432-1/

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