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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

"Turns out, my ability to see through paranormals' glamours to what they are underneath is unique. As in, no other human on Earth can do what I do."

My Rating: 9/10

Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication: 10/10/2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-198584-3
Page Count: 352
Age Range: 12 and up

Kiersten White's Official Web page

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White is certainly a page turner! Evie is a teenager that possess a power no other human does; the power to see through their glamours.

Take a vampire, for an example. Through normal human's eyes...well, they're your usual Edward Cullen. Gorgeous, model-like person. But through Evie's eyes...she sees them right to the rotten bones. Eww!

Reth, a faerie that takes much interests in Evie seems to be on Evie more and more these days.

Also, there's Lend, the half-human and half-water nymph who shift shapes. Evie takes interests in him, the only one who she can't really quite see through. As in...she only sees water.

..Suddenly everyone around Evie seems to be dying. Attacked. Absorbed, to be exact. And Reth seems to know what's going on.

Evie can't afford to lose anyone else since she never had much to began with...especially Lend.

What I like about this book: It was very fun to read! A good page turner that I couldn't put down. It was hilarious--Evie was sarcastic (and a sarcastic person is always an interesting person!) and witty. The paranormal part of it just makes it funner! Pretty, pretty cover...

What I dislike about this book: It was somehow predictable to me, which is why it's 9 out of 10. But other than's good! :D

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