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Monday, June 6, 2011

Original Personalized Bookmarks by M.E.

There's one more thing you don't know about Scholarberry's writer; she loves to draw! I have a deviantart account that is rarely updated since I'm busy (even my journal says I'm still in Japan >.<) but here is the link to my deviantart account!

So...I was bored. The Copic Markers that I bought in Japan was untouched...and POOF! I cut some white thick papers and started drawing. The sign on the lower left says my name in katakana in Japanese. It's a hanko (their version of 'signature') stamp. I carved mine out for a calligraphy lesson in Japan, and since I can't use that to sign in the US...well, I'm gonna make a use out of it anyway :D

I'm thinking to put it as a giveaway every month--maybe a couple of people will get one every month. But I'm also thinking to sell it--name the theme and I'll draw it for you! What do you think? Good enough to sell $0.25 per bookmark?


  1. woah sooooo cool!!!

    You should do a drawing for them :O!!

  2. So friggin cool! I really wish I had a paypal account right now. They look so damn cute! I really love the one with the bunnies and the one in the second picture on the left. So cute. Let me know if it's cool and I'll be sure to plug this into my blog if you start selling them.

    I'm sure i've mentioned this already but I'm so jelous of you for getting to go study in Japan! I'm learning German this year and after that I'd like to learn French. I've always loved Japan though. It's like an obsession so hopefully I'll be able to study the language and maybe go there in the future. ^-^


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