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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

My Rating: 10/10

Believe me; The Hunger Games is DEFINITELY one of the best book ever written. It's sophisticated and eloquently written, fast-paced and filled with energy. You wouldn't be able to put it down!

District 12 is where Katniss Everdeen lives and it's controlled by everyone in the Capitol. With her father being buried in a mine explosion, her family is down to a depressed mother and an innocent little sister, Prim. She has to survive for her little sister. She can.

So Katniss goes to the woods, where it is forbidden and dangerous, but the ones who knows the way can hunt. She used to do that with her deceased father. Now she's all alone.

Then she met Gale, her skillful hunting partner. Life is bearable for the two of them hunt, fish and set snares around. They also trade with the baker and the people around District 12.

Then come the Hunger Games. 12 girl tributes + 12 boy tributes comes from all 12 districts to fight for media purposes, to show the game of survival as a reminder of how harsh the Rebellion was. Everyone's names are all put in to a box, just like a raffle system. People who worked and signed up for the tesserae (a food-help-system from the Capitol) longer has more slips of paper than everyone else.

Prim, Katniss' little sister, had never signed up for the tesserae, for Katniss really tries to prevent her to be taken as the girl tribute to the game. Prim only has 1 slip of paper.

Prim's name was called out.

Katniss volunteered. Nobody sane would have done that, really. Because winning this raffle is like getting your automatic ticket to death (if you're in District 12). The boy tribute turned out to be Peeta Meelark, who was the boy who saved Katniss and her family at their verge of deaths.

Can Katniss win the game? Will the odds be ever in her favor to come home safely to see Gale, Prim and her mother?

What I like about this book: WOW. I read it in one day. I even finished the second book right away. The character--Katniss Everdeen is stunning. She's strong but she's vulnerable. She is sarcastic and witty, and she is impulsive. Katniss is also charming. Of course, what I really like was the Hunger Games concept!! Amazing, Suzanne Collins!!!

I even like the Capitol, the antagonist. How this book has opened my eyes about the imperfect government system is fascinating. :D

What I dislike about the book: Nothing. I highly recommend this book to read!

Suzanne Collins' official website

P.S: Thanks Scholastic for the copy of this great book!

P.P.S:WAIT FOR MOCKINGJAY (the final book in the trilogy) TO BE AVAILABLE IN STORES!!!

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