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Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

"Our baboon was going completely sky goddess--which is to say, nuts."

My Rating: 10/10

Riordan's fun narrating and free characters is definitely shown in The Red Pyramid!

When this book came out I was psyched (because I've read the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and loved it). But the one crazy thing that even still made me smile after 42 days on which the event occurred was that I MET RICK RIORDAN!!! (got his autograph with my name on it too! :D :D XD XD)


Okay, now I shall get back to the review. LOL.

Like his previous books, Rick Riordan chose to base this whole book off mythology, this time Egyptian.

Now, I knew a lot about Greek mythology already before I read Percy Jackson but compared to Egyptian mythology, I might as well think it's a whole new language. So when I got this book in my hands, I was, well, again; psyched.

Sadie and Carter Kane are brother and sister. They lived separately; Carter always pack his bags and go from one museum to another, accompanying his father Julius Kane while Sadie live the normal teenager life in London.

Then one day Julius Kane blew up...well..a Rosetta Stone. A figure of all 5 gods combined appeared and took Julius and disappeared. Soon Sadie and Carter are dragged into life-threatening, full-of-dangers roller coaster ride.

Fun??? Sadie loves it; after all, she's the one who gets to "Ha-di!" everything. (Ha-di = a zap of Egyptian magic; "to destroy")

With Carter's endless knowledge of the Egyptian mythology, Sadie's Ha-di and their Shabti Doughboy, one mission is out; Stop Set.

Kane Chronicles Website


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