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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purpose of this blog...

Well, I really like reading books, so it's wrong to say that this is the first time that I had an idea to make a blog just for book reviews. But all of my friends aren't as interested in books as me, so..well...I'm hoping to just express my opinions of the books, then!!!

So. Yes. This blog will be filled with book reviews! The genre of books will range from fantasy to romance to sci fi and mystery and et cetera. I will even re-read some the books I'm reviewing, so that I can give the same exact opinions that I had when I first read it.

And about the name...

Uh. Scholar means someone that learns from a teacher...and I'm a high school student, so I'm a scholar. I like the world scholar because be honest, just the way it

Berries are my favorite fruit! I was thinking "Scholar girl"...that doesn't fit. Then I was, well...just eating cherries. So...there ya go; Scholar Berry!!!!

XD Peace out
-Scholar Berry

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