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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley

"'We're all alone in death...and some of us after,'..."

My Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Little, Brown Company
Publication: July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-316-11359-5
Page count: 285
Age range: Young Adult

In Ghostgirl, Hurley wrote a different and beautiful story about a girl named Charlotte Usher who yearned to be popular. After talking to the guy of her dreams, though, she choked on a gummy bear and died. Read my review of Ghostgirl here.

In Ghostgirl: Homecoming, the second book in the series, Hurley wrote another astonishing world of the Dead. If in Ghostgirl there was Dead Ed (the high school of the dead), in Ghostgirl: Homecoming, there's an internship for the ghosts to be the Inner Voice/Consciousness of troubled teens.

Everyone has a phone, and the teens in the proximity given was supposed to call each time they have a troubled mind. Charlotte has a phone, too, but hers never ring.

On the dark side, Piccolo Pam, CoCo and Pru(denc)e also ignored Charlotte. She's the only one left, again.

But there's Maddy. Who's sharp and annoying at times, but at least she was there. Always there for Charlotte. (Not really; she talks to herself all the time).

The Petula is dying.

Scarlet needs Charlotte's help to find Petula's soul--for her relationship with Damen, and also for Scarlet herself.

But Maddy's words are proven; being a goody-girl isn't really getting Charlotte anywhere up to the popular/liked list. What's Charlotte going to do?

What I like about the book: It's unusual and unique, it's filled with cool philosophical quotes. It's funny and ironic, and also, the fact that Hurley changed the idea of Death completely. :)

What I dislike about the book: annoying. LOL. But I guess that means Hurley did a good job!! ;)

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