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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taurus Eyes by Bonnie Hearn Hill

"He has something to hide, and, for some crazy reason, he's afraid that I might discover it."

My Rating: 10/10

Publisher: Running Press Teen
Publication: May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7624-3671-2
Page Count: 288 pages
Ages: Young Adult

In Aries Rising, the first book of the Star Crossed series, Logan McRae is dealing with the Gears (a school group that dissed the teachers too far that it was far from pranks that are fun and enjoyable) and Nathan (the cute Leo senior who enjoys Logan's compliment). Click here for my Aries Rising review.

In Taurus Eyes, Bonnie Hearn Hill took a different approach. Still mystery--but rather than figuring out the secret members of the Gears, Logan is surrounded by ghosts.

Sure, Logan got accepted to the writing camp she was waiting so long for. This is a dream come true--to work with Henry Jaffa, her favorite author.

On the plus side, there's Jeremy who's handsome. Cold Taurus, yes, but when in relationship, Taurus are "faithful and loyal."

But if in Aries Rising there's Gemini Geneva, in Taurus Eyes there's the hot Texan Vanessa, an Aries. She doesn't seem to even like writing (or even give a damn about it) so Logan really wonders how she can be accepted to the writing camp.

Then Henry Jaffa (with the same sign as Logan, Aquarius), suddenly decides to switches everyone's topic around. Hence, Logan's knowledge on astrology won't really help her to get published in CRUSH, the teen magazine.

She got Sean Baylor, a famous musician that died falling off a boat. That's Jeremy's topic. You can't really start a battle with Taurus, cause you'll be losing it.

But Logan did, and she held on her own. Can Logan work together with Jeremy? The downside; everyone's been saying that they sensed Sean Baylor's ghost and hearing one of his famous song.

Why is Jeremy so cold? Why does he insists on writing about Sean Baylor so bad? Well, it turns out that Jeremy has a secret on his own. Great, just great; while Jeremy won't tell Logan what it is that drives his passion so bad, everyone related to Sean Baylor is making Logan stop researching.

Can Logan be friends with Jeremy? Will Henry Jaffa understands everything?

What I love about the book: Over Aries Rising, I love Taurus Eyes more because it was more mysterious. It was filled with more conflicts, it just intrigued me way more than Aries Rising. I also love how Bonnie Hearn Hill always relates the character traits to astrology, as if astrology is just the simplest way of explaining why a person is like this or that. :D

What I dislike about the book: Again, "the end", people! >:(
If Taurus Eyes didn't come out, I would want to wait for Gemini Night because there are some things with Jeremy that's just left hanging, and obviously I don't like having hanging stories in my head.

Bonnie Hearn Hill's Official Star Crossed series web page.

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