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Friday, July 16, 2010

Updates!!! :D

Weekly planner of what I'll be posting besides my book reviews:

Sundays: I've been putting up the list of books I received in the In My Mailbox page. From now on I'm going to update them as posts, too. In My Mailbox is a meme from The Story Siren (read about it here.) I will be sharing what books I got in my mailbox (sent by publishers/authors, bought or received) during the week. (Of course when I'm studying abroad the number of books will go down..unless I saved enough for an eReader by then...)

Mondays: Book Suggestion Box is an idea that was inspired by Cynthia from Bookworm. (Bookworm is a blog that's interesting--Cynthia's got an intriguing story chapters posted! Check it out!) A couple of days ago Cynthia emailed me (and making my day) by telling me she enjoys reading my reviews, and she suggested me to read The Host (which right now I'm reading in my computer) by Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight phenomenon.

In Book Suggestion Box (BSB) I will post an entry titled with BSB and share what I highly recommend for people to read, and from there people could comment on what they think I should read. :D Sharing is caring~

Tuesdays: More reviews..

Wednesdays: More reviews...

Thursdays: More reviews...

Fridays: More reviews...

Saturdays: Wishlist. Like BSB, this is a meme I just thought of, and I'll be posting up 1-5 new titles that interests me.

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