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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

“Why is it so important that you're perceived as a bad boy, huh? Tell me."

My Rating: 10/10

Simone Elkeles has written one of the best book of star-crossed lovers story around. In Perfect Chemistry, it all begins in Chemistry class at Flatiron High.

At the beginning of their senior year, Brittany Ellis, the captain of the pom-pom squad is going to meet her boyfriend who hasn't been with her all summer. Her life is perfect, from the clothes, the matching boyfriend, the kind-of clique she belongs to and her amazing house.

Alejandro Fuentes, is the total opposite. He's in the Latino Blood gang, he's a player and doesn't want to admit that he has goals rather than be a gang-banger.

Lucky, Alex's friend, made a bet that Alex wouldn't be able to sleep with Brittany. Alex loves challenges and he doesn't go down on any bet.

The thing is, though, when Alex is with Brittany, he feels everything else differently than what he felt with other girls. Slowly but surely, they're both falling for each other.

That's when Alex has to choose between saving his family by being in Latino Blood (LB, the gang he's in) or, be with Brittany Ellis.

What I like about the book: Alex's ego and Simone Elkeles' writing style! (For some reason I like people with sarcasm and ego...they're interesting that way!!!)

What I dislike about the book: If there's anything I dislike?? Was that I didn't pay attention in my brief quarter of Spanish in 8th grade that could have made laugh even more while reading the book!!!!

Thank you Bloomsbury USA/Walker Young Readers!!!

Perfect Chemistry Official Website
Simone Elkeles' official website


  1. Lol. Nice review. I loved this book so I got it agan at the library, except the 2nd time I had my Spanish dictionary with me!

  2. I LOVEEEE this book! Glad to see you enjoyed it!


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