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Thursday, August 26, 2010

AS: Jessica Brody's The Karma Club

Jessica Brody wrote The Karma Club (read my review of The Karma Club here!!!). This book received a 10/10 rating from me and it's such a fun book to read! I've been so glad to be able to interview her! :)

1. Thank you so much for letting me interview you. What inspired you to write The Karma

Thanks for the interview! The Karma Club was definitely one of those ideas that just “came” to me. A friend of mine had told me some horrendous story about how a boy dumped her (I don’t even remember the story, I just remember it was infuriating!) and the entire time she was talking, I kept thinking, “Someone needs to do that right back to him. He can’t just get away with that. He needs a taste of Karma!” And then boom, the idea came to me. A secret society of girls who help each other out, dosing out Karma to those who deserve it when the universe is slow to do it on its own. And thus THE KARMA CLUB was born. Of course, as soon as the idea came to me, I also knew that my characters would never be able to get away with it. Karma is a tricky thing. And you definitely don’t want to meddle with the universe!

2. Could you tell me how you can relate to Maddy when you were in high school?

Out of all the characters in all my books, I’m most similar to Maddy. I definitely modeled her after myself when I was in high school. We’re both very organized, studious, and like to be in control at all times. The fact that she concocts a plan to take Karma into her own hands because she doesn’t think it’s doing a good enough job on its own is something I totally would do! I’m a bit of a control freak. I never trust anyone to do anything for me. I always insist on doing it myself. So I suppose that would also apply to mystical forces of the universe!

3. What was the most difficult part about writing The Karma Club?

Great question. The most difficult part for me was coming up with the various revenge schemes that the Karma Club girls do. Which is funny because I thought this would be the easiest and most fun part of the book. But in reality it was near impossible! I wanted to find payback treatments that “fit the crime” so to speak but that also would fit into the story later when Karma came back to bite the girls in the butt. Each revenge scheme in the book had to be very thoroughly planned out because they each come back into play later. The only one I had in mind going into writing the book was the Crisco swap. I’ve always loved that idea and secretly wished it on a few people (although I won’t name any names!) The rest of them took a long time to concoct!

4. Have you know, tried to make karma pays instantly and not over time?

LOL. If you’re asking if I’ve ever sought revenge on someone the answer is no. Although I have thought about it many a times. I’m not as courageous as my main character. I would have never had the guts to do the things she did!

5. I noticed that you're working on another YA novel, called My Life Undecided which would be out in the Spring of 2011 (where sadly I'll be in Japan and not in US...). Could you tell me more about the book?

Of course! I’m SO excited about this book. I think it actually might be my favorite yet (but don’t tell any of my other books that!) My Life Undecided is about a fifteen year-old girl who is notorious for making terrible decision and so she starts an anonymous blog and posts every decision she comes across in the form of an online poll and vows to do whatever her blog readers decide for her! Obviously problems and hilarity ensue! The official U.S. release date is now set for June 2011. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a copy in Japan!

6. I have been a follower of Free Book Friday (the teens one), and I love how you interviewed the authors right away to promote their book. What made you create Free Book Friday?

Oh great! I’m so glad you like the site! I got the idea for Free Book Friday because I noticed that every time I hosted a giveaway on my own site, my web traffic would spike significantly. So I just thought, why not host a giveaway every week. Almost instantly the name “Free Book Friday” popped into my head. I searched for the domain name and it was available so I snatched it up and launched the site! That was over two years ago and it’s grown tremendously since then. We’ve hosted some fantastic super star authors like P.C. Cast, Alyson Noël, Scott Westerfeld and tons of others!

7. What is(are) your favorite novel(s)?

Ooh! Hard question. I’ll give you my top 3 (as of today, 8/24/10, because it changes daily!):

1 ) Bridget Jones’s Diary – because it’s the reason I started writing my first novel. I was so entertained by that book, as soon as I read it, I knew I wanted to do the exact same thing: entertain people.

2 ) The Hunger Games – This was such an amazing concept and Suzanne Collins did such a tremendous job writing it. I lived this book. Meaning, it was in my dreams, my thoughts and pretty much every conversation I had for a good three weeks. That’s a remarkable thing for an author to do!

3 ) The Time Traveler’s Wife – This book was like magic to me. I’m obsessed with time travel and good love stories and this one did both…extremely well.

8. What would be your advice to the young writers who are struggling?

Well, first let me say that I, too, was a struggling young writer. As were ALL writers you read out there. So keep that in mind. We all had to start where you are. My best piece of advice is to write and write often. Regardless if you’re a bestselling author with twenty books under your belt or you’re just starting out, writing is a craft that needs to be constantly honed. Try to write every day. Even if the stuff that’s coming out reads like a third grade book report. Sometimes you have to get the crap out in order to get to the good stuff. And sometimes writing just to write is the only way to get a book done. Even if it means having to go back later and change it all! For every book I write I have about 50-75 pages of deleted text that never makes it into the final draft! But for some reason, it had to be written before I could move on.

9. Thank you so much for doing this interview. Is there anything else you'd like to say to the

Thanks so much for having me! I hope everyone likes the book! Don’t forget to check out the movie-style book trailer I produced for The Karma Club featuring a cameo appearance by Deepak Chopra! It can be found on my website: And also, stop by (a non-profit organization inspired by The Karma Club) to find ways to spread Good Karma in your community and around the world!

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