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Saturday, August 14, 2010

JAPAAAAAN!!! XD (and some rants..)

Hey Scholar Berry readers!!!

Some of you might know that I'm going to be studying abroad in JAPAN for a year!!! "Woot, woot!!!" as they say in English (at least that's what I use) or, "BANZAI!!!" in Japanese! (okay, 11 months, since if it's 12 exact months I'd have to pay for re-entering US...) My departure is MONDAY, AUGUST 16!!! I'm so excited!!! It's MONDAY and it's just 40 hours and 8 minutes away!!! I'll be in Japan, being a junior in a private high school, learning violin, learning some kendo, judo or even archery, and learning a lot of new things!! (sponsored by Rotary Student Exchange)

Some kendo...
Some pretty sakura/cherry blossom...

And now, about book reviews!

I have been asked by authors if I will review books during my exchange year, and here's some answers and explanations:

I will continue reading and reviewing, although I may not update Scholar Berry as often as usual.
Thankfully, I have a Nook (Barnes and Noble's product of eReader) that's been AWESOME, so if any of you have an eBook file (or would like to donate me a book or two) that's in my In My Mailbox page that I HAVE NOT reviewed (hint: it means, the ones that are still WHITE and without link), that would be great! Email me about it!

Or, if anyone has some eBook files that they're just dying to share (especially YA), I'd love to read them!!! I'm still building my eBook library (on a limited budget, here, being a jobless 16 year old...) but I'll dedicate a page to share eBook files that I own later on, probably at the end of the year--when I have more than just 1-5 titles to share, that is. :)

So...follow me on twitter, peeps!!! @elioravespera
Facebook too!!!
Also, if you can speak's a special blog dedicated to my student exchange IN JAPANESE!!

By the way...yes, I can speak Japanese! (And also some Spanish, French that I self taught myself along with Indonesian since I am, Indonesian) I skipped level 1 when I was a freshman and just went straight to level 2, and last school year I was in level 3 because I'm a nerd/geek who watched too much anime that I picked up so many words that I only needed to learn the hiragana (one of the alphabet) and katakana (another Japanese alphabet) from Internet and memorized them around a week before freshman year started! (I'm kind of a procrastinator...)

So that's one thing you guys didn't know about me; Foreign languages are so interesting to me that I pick it up "too easily," says my family...

Like with French? What made me want to learn French was some expressions from a novel (which title I have forgotten). Seriously. Next up is probably German and Italian..But for the year I'm going to fill my head with only Japanese and minimum English!! XD

I also have a blog (with different content than the Japanese one) for the trip. Sometimes I will share my experience--in less than one huge paragraph, I promise--on Scholar Berry too!

Blog, in English

P.S: When I get back, I'll of course, give some book/non-book related things from Japan as a giveaway!!! I'm so excited!!!


  1. 日本語でかいてもいいですか。



    meh. some really bad mistakes there, and vocab that I don't know. Please correct if you can! Hehe. Also, congrats on going to Japan. I'm sure you'll have sooo much fun! :D

  2. Well, you're just cool lol. I wish I could go to Japan! Take me with you, can I fit in your suitcase? And wow lady I can't believe you know all those languages. Oh and Apa Kabar lol - my fiance is Indonesian so I know some words. :) I really hope you enjoy your trip and I hope to still see you here!


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