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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Karma Club by Jessica Brody

"'It's time to start balancing out the universe.'"

My Rating: 10/10

Publisher: Macmillan
Publication: March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-374-33979-1
Page Count: 258
Age Range: Young Adult

Madison Kasparkova had always wanted to be popular and to hang out with the most popular girl in her high school; Heather Campbell. Then one day, she found a way (Well, not really--Angie, her friend was the one who found the article in the magazine, but still), she was the one who submitted her boyfriend's profile to Contempo Girl, the 'it' magazine.

Maddy was right--she was popular the next day. Jade even thinks they can get in the Loft because of Mason's (Maddy's boyfriend) increasing popularity. And they were, invited to the Loft by Heather Campbell personally.

Maddy saw the Mason who was staring at Heather and she asked it bluntly if Mason would want to date Heather if there's a chance to. Mason said no. Mason had said why would he want to date anyone else when he has Maddy, too. Maddy believed Mason.

Of course, only until she walked in on Heather and Mason making out on the bed on the Loft.

Then her mom dragged her to learn more about spiritual health, after witnessing her daughter's heart broken. Karma karma karma.

Maddy knows because of Jade (her other best friend) that karma is supposed to pay back people. Well, Maddy knows better than just to wait for karma to happen a decade or eons later; she wants it now Now NOW. Besides, Jade and Angie's ex boyfriends needed some reality call from their heavenly life anyway.

And, the Karma Club was born. The pact even promised that they wouldn't date anyone until their senior year is done (they are seniors, by the way).

Then Maddy met Spencer. Spencer Cooper is the rich and handsome guy whose parents owns the Loft that the popular kids hang out in. Somehow, just like The Great Gatsby, Spencer does not actually attend the parties. It's not his thing. More of his girlfriend.

Spencer actually isn't the rich snotty brat Maddy thinks he's supposed to be. In fact, he's sweet, really. So...there's Jenna LeRoux, Heather's best friend, Spencer's girlfriend.

Something happened and Jenna dumped Spencer, and Jenna founded the pink notebook of the Karma Club. Jenna will give it back, in exchange for the Karma Club to mess with Spencer's life.

What will Maddy do?

What I love about this book: It's funny and realistic. Hilarious. Seriously. This book makes you laugh from cover to cover, be it from Maddy's reaction to certain things or the way the Karma Club inflicts revenge to their targets. It's realistic in a way that anybody could relate to--got dumped, wanting revenge.

What I dislike about this book: I didn't dislike anything, it was fun reading this from beginning to end! :D

Jessica Brody's The Karma Club Official Page

Jessica Brody also gives away free books every Friday; some are signed copies! Check out the website here!

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